14 Jan 2020


i'm not sure if it was a transfer issue, or if i'm really that bad at this, but i guess there was a major gap in updates... oops lol 

so! i guess to fill in a bit. i went from hostbunk to trentahost, but they could not assist me with some technical issues, so i had to move. again. so now this site is hosted with dreamhost and has been since i think maybe october 2019? the domain was still registered through trentahost as a middleman, however. i didn't get the notices that things were expiring, so... there was a few day period of downtime. thankfully that has been resolved due to another party (deep thanks to my guardian angel out there! i hope this doesn't annoy you, i just want you to know i appreciate your help)

so. here we are lol. hopefully things will be stable and i will finally finish all the shrines i've been meaning to make :,)

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