14 Mar 2022

added a lot of links to other domains run by folks i admire! not sure why i hadn't done that yet... also joined a fae clique, and added a link to faeriepunk

15 Feb 2022


cleaned up the joined section! i decided to keep banners from defunct cliques because they're so cute and i like them, but i removed dead links. updated some links to proper areas as well, and even rediscovered some oldies but goodies and updated their links 


30 Dec 2020


found out a link to aromatic was broken on the index page, so i fixed it 

there's other dead links in there but they're so cute i'm torn on removing them 


25 Dec 2020

  • updated joined section on index page
  • applied to join exvius clique

still need install a guestbook script, and create a contact page 


17 Aug 2020


lots of stuff going on for once lol 

  • installed cutenews to make updates easier on me
  • backed up updates to display via cutenews
  • using custom emoji in cutenews, so the credits section was updated
  • updated the joined section on the index page
  • applied to join aromatic, cats, and celestial divine cliques
  • started work on an archive for layouts and such
  • nagare and tsuzuki shrines remain in limbo lmao 


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