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gensoukai was opened in 2018, and has housed various odds and ends relating to things i love ever since!

a question you may have is, "what the hell does gensoukai mean?"

in the animanga yami no matsuei, there's a realm based on ancient china, a setting of eastern mythology and lore, where gods, deities, and other divine beasts live... literally in the internet :,)

considering yami no matsuei is a favorite series of mine, and gensoukai in itself is essentially an online world of adventure and wonder, i felt it a really apt place to name a domain after


i'm erin! i'm a student, working towards a degree in web development

along with coding and web design in itself, i have a number of interests that maintaining silly little websites helps scratch an itch for, such as various animanga, blogging, video games, etc. to find out more about me than you probably want to, check out my personal site

feel free to reach out to me on discord! my username is stiffening



currently outfitted with: version 2 [help i'm alive]

this design features artwork by eri wakiyama. textures are from subtle patterns. everything was coded from scratch by myself in notepad++, with local previews provided by xampp. fonts are kitty, authenticity, and ultimate slayer. emoticons used in cutenews are from kao-ani