27 Apr 2023

new site dedicated to yami no matsuei is live! there's... only song lyrics available for now (in fairness, it took quite a while to compile them and do a personal translation interpretation) technically the layout isn't finished due to a bizarre error that's still being sorted out, but because that's a minor issue (well... from a technical standpoint, albeit not an aesthetic one) i figured i'd cut the ribbon

04 Apr 2023

joined a couple of cliques! also joined a webring

18 Oct 2022

wow, a major update for once lmao

gsk has been around for years at this point... and i only just now made a guestbook! shocking, i know check it out (and sign it?) here!

it's intended purpose is to span across all the sites on this network, for sake of ease

i also added a mini clique to the index page, and idk why i never bothered to give the joined section an actual header, but.... it has one now lol


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