30 Dec 2020


found out a link to aromatic was broken on the index page, so i fixed it 

there's other dead links in there but they're so cute i'm torn on removing them 


25 Dec 2020

  • updated joined section on index page
  • applied to join exvius clique

still need install a guestbook script, and create a contact page 


17 Aug 2020


lots of stuff going on for once lol 

  • installed cutenews to make updates easier on me
  • backed up updates to display via cutenews
  • using custom emoji in cutenews, so the credits section was updated
  • updated the joined section on the index page
  • applied to join aromatic, cats, and celestial divine cliques
  • started work on an archive for layouts and such
  • nagare and tsuzuki shrines remain in limbo lmao 


01 Aug 2020


joined an animal crossing clique 


28 Jul 2020


been hard at work getting starry eyed updated to new php standards lol, so now almost everything there should be functioning correctly 


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