gko was purchased and opened in january of 2018. it sort of began as a simultaneous act of desperation and liberation. i'd priorly been hosted either on free hosts that had a limit to bandwidth and/or constantly went down, or by gracious people who no longer had intentions of no longer maintaining domains. within a six month span i had to relocate thrice, which perhaps for anyone else wouldn't be too terrible of an experience but for me was hellish, regarding backup up thousands of files, reinstalling scripts, backing up databases, etc, etc.

today the domain acts as a collective for various odds and ends, most notable of which being subcollectives for trading card games and fanlistings. eventually i'd like to get around to using this little space for shrines and the like, even, but for now it's all fun and no work

a question i'm sure anybody looking may have is probably, "what the hell does gensoukai mean?" the answer, like the majority of my answers to things, is nerdy af. in the animanga yami no matsuei, there's a realm based on ancient china, a setting of eastern mythology and lore, where shikigami (gods) and other various deities and beasts live... literally in the internet. :,) considering yami no matsuei is a favorite series of mine (a special interest, see below) and gensoukai in itself is essentially an online world of adventure and wonder, i felt it a really apt place to name a domain after


ayyyy it's ya girl erin! i'm a nerdy autistic lady in my 20's who's been coding and maintaining websites since i was a wee'un. i started out on the geocities and angelfire of yore with simple html table based sites and honestly discovering css blew my lil' mind. maybe if you were around back then you might recall (...i was 12) or wonderland syndrome hosted at numbdoll (...i was an edgy teenager) i like to think i've come a long way since then, but uhhh i haven't really improved much lmao

along with coding and web design in itself, i have a number of interests that maintaining websites helps scratch an itch for, such as:

fandoms: ace attorney, alice, ava's demon, ergo proxy, evangelion, ever after high, hunter x hunter, miraculous, pixel horror (alicemare, fleshchild, ib, etc), sailor moon, steven universe, star vs the forces of evil, tokyo babylon & x, urusei yatsura, utena, voltron, yuri on ice

general: aesthetics (pastel + grunge), animals, animanga, coding, design, gaia online, guro, kegadoru, menhera, line play, mythology, folklore, occult, online trading card games, planners, pinterest boards, video games (mainly survival horror & rpg)

special: kuroshitsuji, silent hill, yami no matsuei

if you need to, you can reach me via email (least likely to get a timely response), tumblr (midrange on getting a timely response), pinterest or twitter (which would probably be your best bet)


currently outfitted with: version 1 [walking blind]

this design features kurosaki nagare (MY BEAUTIFUL BOY!!!) and hisoka (MY OTHER BEAUTIFUL BOY!!!), from yami no matsuei. the header panel was beautifully colored by mselmag. textures were from subtle patterns. everything was coded from scratch by myself in notepad. fonts used were webfonts, with the addition of porcelain for some oomph


opened: jan 12, 2018

this is the first version* of gsk that's been live, so there's no design history as of yet. however, if you'd like to check out update history, take a peek over here * the domain itself opened being hosted by hostbunk, but a hacker got into their system and deleted all of their clients files, resulting in them having to close their business for good. (rip) fortunately i had a backup of index files, hence the same first design, but technically speaking this isn't the "first" incarnation of gsk, but... i mean, nothing actually changed except my host lol